Companion Art Portraits

Item Description

Need a gift for your companions?

Hello! I am here to offer custom art portraits of your lovely companions.

This listing is ONE drawing for ONE companion.

This is a fully colored portrait that shows their face and upper body, with simple color to minimal background.

What I need from you:
– Email me at [email protected] A description of your companion’s appearance, and a short description of their personality. You can share what you feel comfortable with. I mainly need a brief description for their physical appearance and personality for facial expressions and such.
– It would be helpful to send in some images that describe your companion so I can get a full visualization of their appearance.

This will take 3 days to 1 week depending on my work schedule. I shall email you the high resolution photo when it is done.

Thank you so much for your time! Have a blessed day!

Item Other Details
No refund given the time and effort done for this.

No return because there is no item shipped physically and it is still sent to you through email.

Email me at [email protected]
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