Higher Self/Past Life Healing Invocation

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Past Life/Higher Self Invocation
This reading will be a full body healing session, where I bring light, love and healing into your third eye, heart chakra, cleansing into your aura and even grounding if that’s what’s needed to set the right foundation for higher Self Invocation. Then I will send a series of electric light/healing pulses through your three bodies to wake them up so to speak. From there I will take a look at your dna and do a light healing there while Arch angel Micheal cuts any ethric cords he finds unhelpful to you and your path (bad/negative attachments). I then take a closer magnified look into your dna to see what comes through. It could be a past life or if I can dig deeper it may be lead me to your higher self. I will then link the energies I find to your third eye for further development of psychic abilities via intuition/messages coming to you directly from your higher self/the universe.

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