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The last one is a prince, he is a offspring of azathoth the blind god,
This prince is also a child of a elven queen from a chaos realm , he is a very rare combination of powers and knowledge

He is about 14000 years old, young he would say lol and I never saw a wiser being than him,
He is incredible strong in ultimate chaos magic, transformation of body and mind and necromantic dead rites,

he also has the strong powers of his mother for dark kind of healing and astral
manipulation of your targets ( it is a kind of mind control via dreams and astral travel)
He knows so much and is so much searching a person he can become friends and a guide/teacher for.
He did not have a human friend before outside the demonic coven, but seeks a human being that is not natural a strong gifted witch, he said he wants a friend that will rise and get strong with his help, that knows how human life can be sometimes miserable and painful.
He wants a friend that had undergo pain and hard times, that is not a royal or always was on the sunny side of life.
Someone that broke down and still stands up and wants to fight for the things that you always wanted
He will be as your side. But he wants your trust and loyalty. Your love for him and not only his powers.

I would really love keeping him with me, because he teaches me so much about the outer gods and death, but he does say I am already taken by a specific magical way and a goddess, he wants you to be open minded for his knowledge, should it be that you want to be a healer or a nercromant, or even a priest of the blind mad god azathoth, you should be open for the possible way you will go with him.
I can say he is on no way like his father, he is calm, wise and loving

You will learn from him so much , also about the life of elf and the lovecraftian gods

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