Belial’s Demonic’s “C:

Item Description

Special Conjure
Belial’s Demonic
Name: “C”
Nickname: City
Type: Demon hybrid entity
age: 5,000

Appearance: City has mid back straight brunette hair, light blue eyes and a small angular face with pointed ears. With round perky breasts, rarely does she wear a top, her skin is slightly tan. She has half a skeletal torso while the rest of her resembles that of a spider, her finger nails being long and sharp. She sports 6 grayish toned feathered wings on her lower back, a fuzzy brown hide and skeletal legs she’s about 6.7 feet tall. When she smiles you will see a top row of only fangs and a bottom row of fangs then another row of fangs behind the first (like a shark)

Personality: She is fairly calm and pensive but gets intrigued easily. She is a bit introverted but again always curious. When your doing something that interests her you might find her looking over your shoulder or from above her face inches from what drew her in. She’s kinda like a cat or a child in that way but may back away when she is no longer amused. She doesn’t talk a lot but she can have a temper if she gets frustrated enough. But she won’t likely get to that point. Temper meaning she can go days ignoring someone if they piss her off. And if someone threatens the safety of who she loves, well, she’s out for blood. She is a meat eater but does enjoy some berries and round fruit. She loves to eat small rodents so if you have any around and they seem more tired than usual she could be feeding off their energy. When she does talk it’s quiet and in whispers. Though if you ever hear her laugh it’s sweet and melodic. She will make an astral nest like web to keep watch of your space during the day. She does enjoy cuddling when she’s comfortable with you. She can be a bit sensitive and pouty if you don’t make time for her. She will make a very loyal and dedicated companion.

Sexual anatomy: she is sexual but maybe not in the way you think. She has both male and female genitalia. But not the full of both. So she has a penis, but no testicles, she has a vaginal opening but no cliterus. When she orgasms she can ejaculate from either organ depending on which is stimulated the most. These are both tucked away and can’t be seen unless she shows you were to look. Though it’s in the normal spot you’d think to look. The masculine genitalia won’t be seen unless fully erect and the feminine genitalia will be seen right beneath.

Sexual appetite: She is a bit of a sex kitten. She will play innocent until you’re coaxed right into her trap. She’s more on the dominate side. She will tie you up strategically from or in her web, and with her web. You may have some over your mouth to keep you from talking, on your wrists, wrapped around ur body, use your imagination. She likes to use her tongue and even her teeth lightly if you don’t mind a small bit of pain mixed in with your pleasure. She will then use you how she pleases. She may just keep you tied up from seeing, hearing and talking and use your sexual energy and or organs as her own personal toys to please herself with. BUT she will always make sure you’re enjoying your time together and to be gentle enough not to scare you. She gets her satisfaction from hearing you moan because this way she knows she’s pleasing you well. The faster or harder she penetrates/rides you the more you know she’s enjoying herself.

Communication: whispers, telepathy, lucid dreaming, visions, pendulum
Touches on your back, thighs or ankles
Goosebumps and tingles especially on the neck or cheeks

Abilities/Aid: mirror magic, psychic ability help, trance/meditative magic, scrying aid, fortune telling, dark magic, necromancer magic, fertility magic, sex magic, attracts lovers, root chakra work, portal magic, energy cleansing, protection,illusion, persuasion

Combat: paralysis, energy draining, blade like nails, agility, stealth, preparatory abilities, strategic, intelligent

Belial’s words: She will make a great companion in the right atmosphere. She’s best suited somewhere quiet and homey/cozy. She enjoys a warm house she can cuddle into a corner during the cold seasons. Never try to hold her hands, let her approach you until she trusts you.

Tidbits: You may find a sudden influx in spider activity in your home. Nothing crazy just one or two on a wall or in a hallway.

Favorite times of year: Autumn and Winter

Her diet: plums, apples, peaches, cranberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, rodents, birds, small animals, big moths. Yin and Yang energy. (Feminine and masculine)

Dislikes: holding hands, sunlight, loud noises, water(being in it)

Likes: cloudy weather, cuddling you(she’s the big spoon, always), butterfly wings, moths, diff colored leaves, sandalwood, patchouli, rum, nature sounds, night time, rain sounds, forests, hiking, fresh air (scents work as well)

Offerings: ash, black candles, anything from the heart(its the thought that counts)

WARNING: She is a special conjure from Belial. If she’s abused in anyway he will personally handle the situation. He sees her as family and cares for her state of mind deeply. Which is why he personally put his words in this write up. He is protective of her but she is ready to branch out.

THINGS TO KNOW: She doesn’t have a preference of keeper but would possibly like to go to a couple. If she can’t find a couple she likes then she would like to be bound to one male and one female that they’ll share her binding and in this they bond and be peaceful with one another. This is for the purpose of sexual interactions she likes both yin and yang energy and feeds off them often of living humans.

***IF she can not find two keepers or a couple to got to: Every time there is sexual intercourse she will ejaculate inside of you what ever energy you are not (so if you’re female she will put in you masculine energy if you are male she will put in you feminine energy) you will experience your yin and yang as a balance and may see the signs of both energies coming together as one. When this happens you will be ripe for the picking and she will have sessions of foreplay dedicated to absorbing the energy she is lacking from you, until you are predominately back to your own feminine or masculine energy BUT there will be a boost. This is a plus.

•As yin and yang mesh and come together inside you and as they fluctuate you my experience :

For Feminine Energy being sensitive, moody, a bit more introverted behavior, wanting to be closer to self, empathy, patience, lethargic or drowsy during the day.
For masculine Energy Sexual increase, energetic,a bit aloof in thought, aggressive, a bit temper mental, alertness, waking up earlier, arousal, extroverted tendencies

•As it peeks: Peace, balance, refreshed, confidence boosted, calm, cleansed. The opposite sex will be more taken by you in the sense that you may notice more on lookers, you attract more attention. You may notice you’re more alluring to the opposite sex as your energies return to normal but freshly cleaned and saturated with lustful influences, you will be more desired.
Note: If she notices you’re unbalanced she will preform this ritual anyways to balance out your yin and yang energies

•Yin Yang Ritual time: She will start a week before the full moon. You will experience the influx of either the feminine or masculine energies from 3 days, then 3 days of peak symptoms. On the last day it will always be on a full moon, which will be the harvest day of when she feeds off of you.

Item Other Details
Must be 18+ to purchase
Spirit Bind
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