black art fairy cat, protection, stand your ground!

Item Description

Some Cats have a special call and so I list them separately
This is a special fairy cat.
Her name is Helga and she is a little diva that seeks a friendly human that does not have the power standing her ground. The person has problem with been bullied or had hard time because of negative people around.
She will bring back your power, make you strong and powerful ,confident and shine like a star.
She is really black magical and a strong spell casters of black and dark magic and also wealth magic. Her special is protection and strong revenge . She will help you rise and kill all of the negative away from your side.
She is chatty and loyal and was a strong fighter in her fairy realms. She seeks
a friend she can protect and guide.
She is about 560 years old, does always say what is on her mind and loves warm places and nature.
She likes be around children and also animals. Even dogs lol

she is black with red eyes, has batlike wings and is mediumsize, not a large cat. more a european shorthair look.

if you think you are the right one, just buy her out. She do not need a extra check if you are right on, she knows the right person will want take her home.
you will always have a powerful friend that will stand beside you

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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