Blood demons, massive power,Children of chernobog

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Hello dears.
Today i have a special offer for you all.
This demonkind is special and we have never worked with them before, some are old and known in slavic lores. But i found them in prison, in a collectors dreamworld. Long story short…all of the seek a partner and friend.
And do want to learn much about todays eartlife. You help them know todays earth better and they will help you in onther fields.
All are children of the slavig god chernobog.
That kind of demons are pure bloods,with masive powers over blood.
All of them have special powers that are bloodbased.
BUT ALL can :
They can heal human bodys in a huge way
they can give energy out feeding you with it, so you become strong and alluring.
They can bring you powers over human minds, dreams and change your look in the eyes of humans.
They can work dark and black bloodmagic , necromantic, goetic and chaos magic. All are pure masters in this fields.
Nearly everything , should it be sexmagic or necromantic as example is possible because it involve blood.

They can also drain demons and other beings and make them tierd or even kill them, some are warriors some are pure sex, some are crule and some are kind and wise.

All here listed are save around the people you love , but you need to tell them who not to drain out of blood!
They also love revengework and would love do some real bad things with your permission.
They were all captured about 600 years in a special collectors dreamworld. They had not suffered, in real they had a great time in the dreamworld but became bored and wanted something new.

I an not offer all of them here, simply because some are not save around humans different that the one they are bonded with. I will not offer them in public and they are in hands of the demonic coven for find a witch as a partner.

But this 3 demons are save and will not act against your rules. You need to treat them with respect, they are no servers!!!!

The last one is also female, she is calm, wise and more like a guide in energy than a demon.
She likes opening someones mind for the supernatural, guide you and also teach you all about bloodmagic and demonic work. She is a priestess of the old slavig god chernobog and knows that all good has also a dark side.
She is looking for a friendship, no sex.
Someone that wants to rice and no longer stay human, be a messenger for the gods and use magic by themself.
She seeks a close friendship, more be like a sister for someone, make you secure, calm and happy.
She is so excited learning more about humans in our time. She would love know uch about todays culture and religions.
She will offer you knowledge and power. Love and wealth.
But as first place, she will be your friend ynd guide.

She is very old the other are older than humankind, but she is even older than this. A extremly wise and powerful woman.
if you want to learn more abour demons, goetia and bloodmagic or want the raw energy of chrnoborg. Take her home.

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