Bobak (slavic demon)

Item Description

There are several ways of portraying bobak in Slavic culture. Some people believed that it was a bogeyman of some unspecified features, sometimes taking the form of a white dog or a cat.
This one is much like a dark elf, very handsom but can get angry and do love doing revenge. Nothing deadly but bring bad luck, curses and make humans ill.
Yes he can be a danger and needs houserules.
He is a wonderful protector, from all evil humans and beings,demons and so on. he can block nerly every demon from you. You just need to ask him.
He loves to fight, drink and have fun, he loves music and looking tv.
This bobak is old. neraly 1200 years old. he is looking for a male or female friend and maybe more. he has a very dark humore and loves looking horrormovies.
he likes cats and akt often as a cat himself.
He can bring the human friend very good luck, welath and a fancy looking garden lol he loves nature very much.
The is funny and not a bad gut, even if he wants yu to think he is one.

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