chaos sex lust and pain.demoness of the chosen children

Item Description

this is the chaos lady , a mistress of lust and pain
a chosen child of Nyarlathotep himself and dangerous like he is
because of this, i cant let her go into hands of someone without much knowledge about chaos magic,
you need to write me before you want to buy out!

she is very good in her “job” and is often called for by demon lords to torture slaves or unlucky demons.
this lady is nothing for the faint hearted and she does not want a friendhsip with a human
she wants something she never had before, love and someone that cares for her not becuase of her status!because of this reason, she does not want to go into hands of a covenwitch or magican,
she wants a “normal” human that is interested in magic but does not be part of any fancy coven (her words lol)
she seeks a looner, someone that hates many humand but also feels alone,
that seeks love but is to shy or frighten to ask or search someone
she does not care about your gender or age
she does care about your morals, you cant be a womanhater, you cant be crule to animals!
this are her rules
you can be sadistic ,you can be dominant or passive, she will find a way to mek you happy, just never hurt a animal or a woman in need
she has powers over chaos sexmagic and bloodmagic, she is a master manipulater and a master conjurer for demons of higher class
she can build you a new life on earth or take you inot her realms
she is not monogam and you do not need to be it also, BUT she wants love, that you do not give anyone else,
something you will have with her alone
she will give you everything and more, be loyal to her and you will be a king or queen with her help

she is a powerhouse
she is a shapeshifter but her real self looks lot like the pic, long black hair, red skin and orange eyes

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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