children of cthulhu, demons of wishgranting custom conjure

Item Description

hi dears,
this next auctions are for CUSTOM conjured
children of cthulhu,
the demons have all strong wishgranting powers some are from royal bloodline also from the mothers side, some are strong protectors but all are perfect wishgranters.
all of them have two forms, one beautiful alluring form and one with a tentacle body and sharp teeth and claws.
it seems their hair always flows and moves.

all of them are masters in chaos magic, blood magic and necronomicon magic.
this includes : magic for wishgranting in all fields that will changes your life.
simply because of their royal wishgranter blood and skills.

every one is differnet and has also a special power or something he or she likes the most, this is nwo written here, still all of them are royal WISHGRANTER demons!

you need to write me your full name and birthdate and the perfect match for you will be called on, you can tell me what powers, character, look and more you are looking for, this will be included in the search
binding is distance body binding or distance vessel binding

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There are no other details defined for this item.
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