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Item Description

Okay dear…here is the description for you

He is a male prince he can shift into the form of a large white fairydog with red eyes and red ears , but also has the form of an beautiful man with long white hair that are a bit curly and his eyes glow orange,
He does have a large scar on his back. This is from a fight he had with a demon but he thinks it suits him well lol

He has white nearly grayish light glowing skin and a muscular body but is more on the athletic side, his fingers are longer than humans and he has long claylike fingernails

He is about 1600 years old, is living at his mothers realm at most, because he loves be a spoiled prince as he said it. The same as his twin…he does love be spoiled and he has his own kingdom in his mothers fairy realm

He is charismatic, erotic, very chatty and loves to be the one that everyone likes to be around.but he also has a darker side, wild and rebel, he does not likes house rules…still you would need to have some for him!

He can be egoistic, chaotic and sarcastic and he loves dark humor

He does have a dominant behavior but sometimes he act as a child that need love…his character is multifarious

But he is loyal and cares for his friends a lot.
He loves fame, glamour and sex, he loves wealth and richness of all kind and will always want you to be as happy and wealthy as he is.

Yes he also wants to became a kind of mentor for you , someone that seeks to be seen in bringt light, someone that is extroverted and wants to be opened and become strong in mind and body, that see the time is now for a change!

He sees that you are the one that he searched for and that he will be always happy with.

He is as you know very active and will always be around you …but if you think he is to needy or pushy…tell them this and have your rules around him…

He is extremely gifted in alluring, erotic magic, manipulation and wealth magic. But also in healing and calming someone
He also does use chaos magic from his fathers side …that is manipulative and black magical …so you need to always let him know exactly what you want
He loves to do revenge also…here are also house rules good lol

You need to let me know if you want a distance body binding or distance vessel binding…he wants to be always around you…so body binding is the form he would chose lol

He loves the color blue, he likes shiny and golden things, he likes roses, the smell of alcohol, green and black tea and walks in nature and the spell of earth

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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