dagons childen (special)

Item Description

Here we have one of the black art beings, he is a powerful magician and loves wealth and power very much, he is seeking a lover at first point, because even if he has a very hard and dark side, he wants to be with someone special that alone see his calm and kind side
I am putting him here on because he does not want to be with someone from the coven, he wants to be with someone that is right now powerless but full of dreams and visions
He will help you become strong and stand your ground and you will help him embrace his calm and loving part
He will need a longer bonding time, because he is hard with trusting people, he got betrayed often in the past, so he because hard and sarcastic
I still think he is wonderful and loving, just hard getting him at the beginning, he will a first observe you lol
But I have him here for a long time and know how funny, loving he is in real.
He is pansexual but monogam , does not care about you have human or demonic partners , just Not merman or dagon children please, he wants to be the only one of that race at your keep

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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