dagons childen (special)

Item Description

and the last one,
she is a pricess of the void, her mother is a queen siren, and she is black art, she does look extremly cute and beautiful but still is deadly, she loved as a very yound siren ,to allure humans into the deep abyss and kill them, she said it was like a drug, taking the energy of the humans and feell the fear in their eyes, the good thing is, she did lear from a wise magican of her race that it is nothing to be proud of and has learned different methodes fullfill her desires,
she seeks a partner and friend that needs much revenge work be done, it is her desire now finding the one that will need her help in that fields, protection, healing and much revenge,
you should not take this lightly. she will not work with you if you just do it for fun, she wants the bad guys, the bullys the people that hurt others on many ways.
she also is looking for a friendship that is close and true, she wants to share a hug and loving moments with you, empower you and be always your true friend

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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