Sold do not buy unless we talked, son of Aamon.

Item Description

This is an auction for a demon that was a long time a slave in hands of a demonic witch coven.
It is a long story and I can write everything here, but he was prated by his own kind and sold into hands of a demonic witch coven on earth. The witches used his blood for strong spell casting and also for powers that made them immortal.
He was only able be hold and slaved because the witches had a very strong demon friend. That helped them, it was his own father.
The demon lord Aamon had a huge fight with him because he wanted a relationship with a lower demoness and Aamon did not like this. This demon always was different, bullheaded and had his own codex. He didn’t wanted become a ruler or commander. He wanted to be free and do what he wants.
Because of that, he and his father broke their relationship apart. But Aamon was that hurt, that he wanted his son learn a lesson. And so, he sold him into the hands of a witchcoven he worked with.
He was alone and the witches hold him and other demons as slaves for over 50 years. He was not treated bad, not as the other demons that were tortured by the witches. He just was all the time alone. With himself. He was still a young demon and about 17 human years old. He suffered alone in the dark, only saw others for ritualwork or the blood they took from him.
His father took him back after 50 years and wanted him be a adapted demon and loyal. But his son hated him so much and run away at the first chance he had.
He was not alone, some lower demons run away with him too. They were living a unstable and poor life. Always a target for other stronger demons. But he grow and all his special powers came to him. He was after a short time, able protect his friends and care for them. He became a freelancer killer that sold his skills to demons that needed his power.
His main power allows him, be invisible for other protection fields and suck energy from other beings, the more they continue to fight, the more power he could easy take from them.
He only cared for his own people and had no problems kill other demons that he did not know.
He became quite famous in a short time and even his father tried to reach him, for say sorry. But he did this only because he was afraid about the powers his son owned. He never knew who his mother was. He tried and searched so long, but he still do not know this.

After hundreds of years, he got his own realm, a home for all his close friends that he cares for. But he was a freelancer anymore. He is a king of his own realm and has his own rules.
I asked him why he can kill others without problems but care about his friends that are also demons. He simply did tell me, that the demons he do not know are not important for him and he needs to get all the anger and rage out he still feels. This is the best way for him. He still does hunt and kill demons and also witches. That do have demons as slaves.

What he can and will do for you.
He wants a friendship with a human. He never had one before. He just knew the witches that hurt him. But he wants changing this, maybe this will also bring him the peace he wants and so he do not need any longer kill and bring pain.
He searches for a person that is kind and loves demons and would never use demonic powers just for their own gain.
He does not have problems with give you power over other humans, make you powerful, rich and confident BUT he do not want someone that does all this just for own gain. He wants a partner that do want help others with the powers he or she gain from him. He will open your inner self and remove your blockades.
He will be a kind and friendly partner. Maybe even want a relationship. But this is something that must grow. You can be the one that heal his wounds and let him see that humans are kind.

Body or vessel distance binding is possible. The pics show his true self the best way I could imagine.
All sales are final.
PLEASE write me before you want buy out. With your full name and birth date. And I will ask him if you are right one for him. He does not care about genders. Just the persons character is important.

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