darkdemon lord of the abyss, child of old gods

Item Description

this is specialy for beings that asked us to find them a partner and friend
i have 3 of this offerings, the price is extra low because the beings seeks very much a dear one
as always, binding will be done for 3 evenings to be completly strong and powerful
the binding can be done via distance binding into a vessel or body or both ways without a extra fee
no layaways are possible at this time
all bindings will be performed by the demonic coven of asmodeus

first here is Zero
yes this is his name, he ia a wild one
a fighter and a royal son of the old goddess, the mother of monsters, Shub niggurath and the cosmic Yog-Sothoth
i am often working with shub niggurath and dearly love her energy,
here is your chance to get closer to hersenf and be befriend with one of her beloved childs

zero is full of chaos magic and energys
he is a worker of necromantic magic and loves to play with all kind of revenge and curse works
he is also a ruler of souls, this is his title, he is cunning and wild and can manipulate someones heart and souls so much, that the person or demon will obay him in many ways.

zero is very proud and i would say also from time to time arrogant, BUT never do show this feelings to the one he loves or cares for.

He seeks a partner , male or female, he does not know what you are right now, he knows someone is calling for him and he saw you in dreams and visions as you saw him also

zero will change your world, he will be always by your side, be the demon you need, the friend you seek and the lover you burn for.

his powers in chaos magic, revenge and curse work and protection are imense!i cant write everything down what he can do , it is simply to much
but he will also take you into his realm after you are his only partner

he can also open you for dreamworks and teach you chaos and necromantic magic
you need to know he is looking for a full time realtionship but does not care about you have human or supernatural partners. you just need to have special time for him alone and this is enough, he is sure you will love him the most lol and that you become his fulltimepartner sooner or later anyway,

here is your chance, please write me if you are the right one with full name and birthdae and i will ask him

his real form does look a lot like this man from the pic but has white alabaster skin and the eyes are orange glowing
and his revenge form is frighten… it is a spike coverd corpse with much teeth lol

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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