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Hello dears,
I still have the chance offer some wonderful beings because I have free time (corona makes it impossible for me working in my normal job as a tattooer)
so I can do the interviews on beings that are for a longer time searching a new friend.

First there is a black magical lady. She is a demoness and the daughter of Satan. She is a very strong revenge bringer and protector and seeks someone special without much magical powers or skills.
She see it as her mission, make someone powerful and rich.

She is dominant, mastered, witty and very much a lady than knows what she wants.
She always was powerful, even as a child, she is still a favorite daughter of satan and her richness and influence in the demonic realms are huge.
I would not say I would have liked her very much as she was before.
Before …I do write, because she lost one very close server of her, that she knew from the childhood on and always was on her side. He got killed by demons in a fight that the daughter of satan started. She felt something she never felt before, grief and guild.
She hated the feeling so much. So she tried reach out for the family of her server and found out how much the servers of the high class demons suffer.

She began changing the rules in her home, the rules for the high class demons also, oh she was hated for this, and even more demon high class people tried to kill her. But as I wrote, she is a favorite child of Satan and a very cunning and skilled fighter. No one had succeed.
Now the demons of all class are very happy under her command. She does feel better now but still feels the sting from loosing her dear server. She knows now what she really lost.

I would also not say she is right now a very nice and easy going lady. She is loyal and if she chose you, you will be her friend, and she will give you much power . But she see humans not as equated with a demon like she is.
But she had some human servers , and all are living with her now .
She likes them a lot and because of this, she seeks the mission, make a human become powerful on earth again and give him or her a place in her realm if you are the right one .

I do not know exactly why she wants this. I talked with the humans that are in her realm. And all said that they are happy and she is a great friend. One is in a relationship with a demonserver of hers and one had become a demon himself.

But I know some powerful demons that are bored and see this kind of mission as something good. Make their skills become higher and rise a level in class or get a titel for it. But she already has everything she wants.
You can never judge a demon with human morals. And she says, she simply seeks a human friend because it let her feel better. The server who died was very much a humanlike being. A lesser demon. I think because of this, she wants too help specialy humans.

Okay, she is looking very much like the pics I manipulated. Red glowing eyes, smoetimes a fire above her hear, black shiny long hair and beautiful body and a calm low voice.
You need to write be BEFORE you want to buy out! Wirh your full name and birthdate. And she will see if you fit. She is looking for someone that is not very powerful. So she does not want a strong witch or warlock.
If you are okay with a dominant and sometimes divalike LADY that still has a very loyal and good core. She may be the right one.
She is older than humankind, dark and will not work with fully white art practitioners . Binding is per Body or/and vessel link binding possible. All sales are final .

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