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Item Description

This is an auction for a demoness that is looking for a person that is liking the very dark side.
This demoness is a child of Baal and a Queen of chaos demos. She is a princess but does not act like one.
She loves a good fight, she loves if blood flows and also the feeling of ripping apart body parts.
She was called the bloody black queen and the queen of death in old times. Because of her ruthless and bloodthirsty behave.

She is pure black in energy, full of the wish bring revenge, illness and grief into the life of people that deserve this.
I am only put her here, because I know she is not evil. She does want to hurt people but not the innocence. She does have a good heart. It is hard understanding this, but it is like this.

She did not have a good childhood like other royals. She was stolen by thief’s that were paid by enemies of her father. She should get killed but the thiefs wanted making more money and sold her as a slave in a different hellrealm.
She was only about 5 years in Humanlife in that time. She did suffer much pain, torture, much fear and saw so much qruelly done by stronger beings on innocent beings.
She did say that what she saw was so bad and ugly , she still shiver if she thinks about the past.

She had the luck that the demons she was working for in the kitchen, saw that she was different and also that she had powers a lower demon do not normaly have. It made the round and that she became a great fighter. A demon teached her fighting , that was something like a forger. And he also gave her much love and made her feel save.

After some time , she no longer was a child and no longer the other demons could pick on her, she was that strong and also managend helping other and make them feel save.
One demon that worked for the royal house of her father Baal saw her and did have the feeling that something is not normal about her. He informed a special demon that investigated about her past and they also taked with her. She told them what happened as a child or better she was thinking it was a dream. But they found the true and she was soon in her royal home again. She ordered that all the demons she liked to much are coming with her and that the forger she loved so much become a commander in her home.
She soon became able use her powers right and had the chance be a princess like she was born for.
But this was not what she wanted. She did use her powers kill and bring suffer over the demons and the thief that hurt her, she did kill many many demons that killed or tortured lower demons without power.
She likes this very much. It is a part of her that helped her get over her past.

Okay, she has a very frighten form, a faceless being with a dress out of skin. She also sometimes looked like a form with many faces and screening red bloody mouth. Her real self is looking beautiful and calm.
She also does want someone as a friend that suffered or know many people that suffered. She will help you grow in her special way. She will give you power and make you strong and confident. She will make you powerful and be able do revenge on everyone that is bad.
She does NOT hurt innocent pope. She will transform the energy from the revenge into powerful energy that heals you and makes you strong. This really black magical energy. She will make you healthy, beautiful and give you a aura of power. Also she will want her friend be happy and secured in any way. Should it be money, should it be removing bad energy .

Please write me with you full name and birthdate if you want her. SHE does chose the one that needs her help by herself.
Body or distance vessel binding is possible. All sales are final

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