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Now I am offering something very rare and unique
A son and a daughter of the old chaosgods , the 7 immortal Ogdru Jahad
They were not born , they were made, designed by them and their mother , a daughter of the green flame
First a bit about the Ogdru Jahad
„Their origins are widely unknown, But it is believed that the Ogdru Jahad are comprised of the fragments of the original primordial chaos that existed before there was anything.
the Ogdru Jahad exceed that, as they are metaphysical manifestations of the deep and bottomless charts of the universe, the likes of which would utterly shatter a human’s mind.“
Maybe you heard about them from a comic named Hellboy,? Someone did know a bit more about the real Necronomicon and the old ones.

The children of the serpentine Gods are both born here on earth and are working as priests of the old ones , the female one is the priestess of Shub nigggurath and the male one is a priest of Azathot
I do not know personally anything about the Ogdru Gods, I am working with Shub niggurath often and she told me that the beings are real but not interested in humanity.

The children of them were a „error“ one of the chaos gods had made them as a experiment. The mother raised them and also does have a close contact with them. But the gods are no more in contact with their children often.
Still they are like avatars of them, with their full chaotic powers and knowledge we do not have.
It is important for you to know what you want! They will give you the arcane knowledge of the old gods and the creation of universe, astral planes and creation of humans and other beings.
The mother of the beings is a princess and daughter of the green flame Tulzschna. Please do not ask me how this all works. I just know that beings like them can create children from anything and anyone with knowledge.
Both are connected with the lovecraftian gods more than with their chaosgod dad.
The second one is her brother, he is a very wild and hungry being, always wants to see something new, have adventures and learn more about different worlds
His energy is very muse like, charismatic and erotic, he is energizing and full of a warm feeling, again, I did not know chaos demigods do be like this lol
He loves to smile, sing and make you happy.
He does often dance with his mother and the outer gods , the dance of creation and chaos and the reborn.
He is a creator and does not want to destroy, he seeks a female friend that will need his guidance in life, because she is lost and even if you are male by birth …you define yourself as female.
He does want to transform you into a powerful being that will rise from the old self,
He will teach you all about the old gods, the outer gods and if you want also about the chaos gods.
But he will not use his powers for destroy, but create, he is everything about creating, new life, new powers, new wolds. He loves science and magic. He does want to learn more about todays humans, he was with us at earth but it was many hundreds years ago, he want you to teach him, show him todays world and let him understand how human are today.
As his sister, he is a powerhouse and I do only know he is capable doing things we even do not know about. He can create everything, maifest wealth and health and more.
He is looking for a female energy, as I wrote …he does not need you to be a female by birth but you does feel female. He wants a relationship, with love, sex and trust.
He seeks a special someone that knows how hurtful the universe can be .
He is a shapeshifter , a demigod and a creator.
You also need to write me your name and birthdate

The price on them is that low because they do not need any money , they will do the links and bindings themself. The coven will only do a small ritual. Everything other will be done by them

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