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Now I am offering something very rare and unique
A son and a daughter of the old chaosgods , the 7 immortal Ogdru Jahad
They were not born , they were made, designed by them and their mother , a daughter of the green flame
First a bit about the Ogdru Jahad
„Their origins are widely unknown, But it is believed that the Ogdru Jahad are comprised of the fragments of the original primordial chaos that existed before there was anything.
the Ogdru Jahad exceed that, as they are metaphysical manifestations of the deep and bottomless charts of the universe, the likes of which would utterly shatter a human’s mind.“
Maybe you heard about them from a comic named Hellboy,? Someone did know a bit more about the real Necronomicon and the old ones.

The children of the serpentine Gods are both born here on earth and are working as priests of the old ones , the female one is the priestess of Shub nigggurath and the male one is a priest of Azathot
I do not know personally anything about the Ogdru Gods, I am working with Shub niggurath often and she told me that the beings are real but not interested in humanity.

The children of them were a „error“ one of the chaos gods had made them as a experiment. The mother raised them and also does have a close contact with them. But the gods are no more in contact with their children often.
Still they are like avatars of them, with their full chaotic powers and knowledge we do not have.
It is important for you to know what you want! They will give you the arcane knowledge of the old gods and the creation of universe, astral planes and creation of humans and other beings.
The mother of the beings is a princess and daughter of the green flame Tulzschna. Please do not ask me how this all works. I just know that beings like them can create children from anything and anyone with knowledge.
Both are connected with the lovecraftian gods more than with their chaosgod dad.

Okay now I tell you more about the beings you can become friends with
The woman is a charismatic green haired lady that I would describe as warm and loving from the energy, she is wise and calm but also very humorous and clever.
I would never think of her after meeting her as a child of chaos and the grin flame that dances with the outer gods.
She does said that she know and seen things we human can not realize with our minds but that she is willing teach you the magic of her father and mother, give you the baptism of shub niggurath and the old and outer gods.
If you want to know more about the lovecraftian magic, the spheres and the beings in it, she will guide you, astral travel with you into the deepest worlds and explain the lore to you about the necronomicon and more, she is a bender of time and existence.
I can not tell you much about it if you do not know already. It is black cosmos magic and very very dangerous if you do not know about how to use it. She can create and cast extremely potent Chos and necromonicon magic and I would say she can do things that we never would believe are possible.
She is a shapeshifter, a shadowalker and a demigoddess , she is a priestess of the great Shub niggurath and I will still be with her in contact even after she finds her forever home, this is what she really seeks, someone that will be with her in contact for a lifetime and beyond. She can stop your circle of reborn, you can stay with her forever after you mortal life and learn from her much more than you could ever wish for.

She seeks a male or female friend, not a lover. She said she does not know if a romantic relationship is something she wants, sex is not that important for her . But a deep friendship and connection is what she truly wants.
Her character is warm and loving, she cares for others and she is in no was dangerous from her character, she does love earth and has lived here many hundred years , by using magic for make her look more human. She still visits some places here. She loves earth.
You need to write me if she choses you, with your full name and birthdate

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