demon of the black hole with legions of demons

Item Description

hello dears, this is a new offer.
i have the chance to offer a demoness and a demon of the black hole.
what is a demon of the black hole?
the black holes are volumes of space where gravity is extreme enough to prevent the escape of even the fastest moving particles. Not even light can break free, this demons were “made”designed by the power of a black hole, the energy of the demon is the same as of the black hole,
they can use the powers as a destructive power or create something beautiful with it.
the demons were created from black holes by Azathoth, the crawling madness as a projekt and were raised by a group of devoted demons.
this is not a demon you should want at your side , if you do not have experiances in that fields.
they are an black hole, they can all design magic and spellwork of a completly different level.
they are the black hole and have the power to change your life completly.
i mean really completly, there is nothing they can not do with the power. the black hole powers are godlike and will be used by the demon for help them and help you
all are seeking a relationship with a brother/ sister like relationship,
no sex!

this auction is for Merlan
he is older than earth and very calm in his energy. Hie likes to be around living things and likes the earth very much. He loves animals and nature. He likes to create life on his own selfbuild world with much strange animals and beings.
He seeks a human friend that likes nature as much as he does and that likes to bring camness into his or her chaotic life.
He see someone that needs his help in many fields, and this is what he likes the most. Bring structure and love into chaos. He can change your life completly. I can not write everything down but he is not a being that likes to create chaos or kill. This is not his path. he is a master in life bringing magic and removing from all bad influances and darkness, this is the way he chosed.
to bring peace and light into your life.
he still will bring you all you desire, all knowledge you seek and all bad things will be removed. you will be fully in peace and happy.

his look:
the pic shows his self very well, he can become dangerous if someone hurt his friends. but this is the only point he will get angry or even kill.
he is wise, beautiful and kind.
he is looking for a male or female friend, but no sexual relationship

as examples :
all of them can do extremly revenge from destruction
they can remove all blockades, curses,illness that was cause by magic
they can bring you imense wealth and power
they can cure you from many illness of the body
they can bring you beauty, shape your body
and a different body by using their energy for transform you
they can build worlds and sphares for you in the astral realms and easy take you into other realms

yes they can transform you, they would need to build your soul into a different chosen outer space body, human bodys can not take the transformation they offer.
this is also something they do not lightly, the option is here, to transform you into a imortal being from the stars but it is nothing i guaranty.

all of them have legions of lovecraftian demons under their command.
this is a rare offering and i can not repeat it

you do need to write me first in whom you are interested and i will need your full name and birthdate.

the demons will not go into hands of people that did not work with demons before .
no layaway or holds longer than 3 days are possible, body and distance vessel binding is the option here
the beings are seeking a loyal and lifelong friendship,
all sales are final and NO refunds here.

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