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Hello dear friends.
i am having now the chance to offer some great demons.
they all be conjured by the demonic coven from poland i work with.
now the coven has a new high priestess, she is the highpriestess of the great old ones , the “lovecraftian” gods

she is a daughter of cthulhu himself and i am sure her magic will make you happy.

The demons i offer in the next days are all unique in power.
Please know that the Entites are all black magical, all of them seek some special bond with a human. The powers i list here are what they can do, this does not include a guaranty that the being will make you immortal or heal you… and so on.

all will be distance bound for you or a vessel of your choice( i would need a pic of your vessel and your full birthdate and name)

This listing is for a demon prince.
He is a child of the old blind god. Azathoth. the creator of all the other old gods.

His powers include changing reality and change of bodystructure.
This prince is looking for a lady. He is looking for a close bond and a strong relationship.
He does not require for you to be without a human partner. he does not care about huamn males
But he wants to be, at first place as a supernatural partner.

for sure he can protect you fully, he is very great at revenge and wishgranting,
but he´s special unique masterskills in healing of body and mind and transforming of flesh.
and he is the best at changing reality.
this can be used…as change a situation, change your mood, even change fate.

i cant write everything down what he can do, but he can for sure change your life.
he would like to have a romantic relationship with a woman that needs love, healing and help.
you do not need to be young, he is interested in the heart.
you do not need to think you are not good looking, he will love you for what you are
he will provide you with love, care, magic and a complete new life.

the prince can be seen by many as arrogant and crule. but he is loyal and seeks a real relationship.
because if this reason, you need to write be BEFORE you buy out!
i will need to check if you are the right partner for him.

he is strong muscular build with green glowing eyes, long grayish green hair and light gray skincolor.
he lookis very much like the pic i manipulated with his help.
the price is low because he knows the lady he seeks does not have more money.

i can NOT to layaways. because of many many nonpayments in the past.

please only write me and ask for a visit , if you are interested in him and also can pay. sorry but i do no longer do hold for more than 2 days.

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