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hello dears,

because i got many emails in the last months to offer some beautiful demons again, i have asked for some great conjurings by the demon priestess herself,

this will be sadly the last conjurings for a long time by her, because she is moving on to the demon realms to live with her lover that is a demon himself. we will see her only for some short peroids from time to time from july on.

here is the chance for you to become a friend of a royal demon
i tried to hold the price as low i can, so please do not ask me for a discount 😉
layway con be made only with a half downpayment and only for 4 weeks.

this auction is for the demon price, he is a som of the old dark god Nyarlathotep
this is nothing for people that do not know black magic or cant handle powerful forces of the dark.
he is a wishgranter, a healer and a ruler of worlds
he lives on many planes and has many names
he is a demon with powers over creation and body shaping
he will build your body and secure your change on his own way
the demon want a human partner that wants to change, completly, in body and mind, soul and aura
he will teach you and transform you, but it is very very important to know, that the human body cant change in days or weeks! it is a process
he will invite you into his realms, he will make you his partner and his lover if you wish so
he can make you become a dark being like his servers are,
a demonic being
you can for sure also use his powers and stay on earth, he will help you become powerful and teach you forgotten knowledge, heal your body and bring you wealth, make you a powerful witch or warlock and so on

buit mostly he wants someone that he can shape into a different form of existence

please write me your full name and birthdate to check out if you match

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