on hold, do not buy unless we talked

Item Description

this auction is for the last one of the demons i can offer you

this is a demon prince and also child of the old god Nyarlathotep

he is very easy to work with, a well known person in many realms and a person that is also easy to connect with
he is still a black magical demon but one that is friendly and wise

he is a master in changing minds, in bad or good ways
for his friends, this is a powerful tool and help open you completly,
but his enemies fear this power very much because he can transform the mind and make them mad, become a slave of his or do revenge for him

you will benefit from this power in many unique ways

he can open your 3rd eye completly,
he can change your mood, remove fear and depression,
remove blockades,bad memories you want to lose and so on

you will learn via direct connection to your mind, magic, new languages, knowing the darkest secrets of magic and demons,
do open portals, learn how to shape your body and mind and many more

this is all dark and black magical knowledge, so you need to be very sure what you want

he is also a master in manipulation, revenge, dark sexuel alluring and pleasure and healing

everything that happend via mind is his special,

he is in no way bad or evil and also does not need house rules, he is a mature and loyal friend and will never hurt you

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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