blood dreamwalker chaos demoness, child of cthulhu!

Item Description

tis is the lady of dreams and visions,
she is so wonderful, i wish she would like to stay with me lol
but she seeks someone special.
she is the daughter of cthulhu, she is a dreamer, afurry and prophet
she is a black magical demoness but her energy is in no way black for the one she likes

she has after all a dark side, she will become a bloodfurry if someone hurt her people or her friends,
she can do bloody revenge by remove blood and energy in the sleep and she can drain people and demons completly, so be very sure for what you ask!
she also does have the power to transform someone into a vampiric being
she will never hurt you or your family …but revenge is sonething she likes to do

you will feel calm and save around her, feel healthy and lose the fear that you always feel
she will make you save and welcome you into her life and gives you protection and guidiance

she is a master dreamwalker and can place things like : knowledge,health, wealth, love and much more into you,
so it will grow and change you into a better person or make you a vampiric being

she can do very good prophetic work and give you signs of your future and use this power to make your life better, become wealthy and so on
she can transform you in dreams in many ways, body, soul and mind and make you be able to dreamshift and dream about the old gods
she has a direct connection inot her fathers realm also

she is looking for a male lover or a female friend/sister
she does have very much to guve and wants a honest and loving partner or friend
she is also not interested in persons that are crule to animals, she does not care who your human lover is, but she wants to be your nr 1 demon lover if you are a man,
if you are a woman, she wants a very close friendship and sister like relationship
she has white skin but always stands in blood or has it on her face, her hair is green and long

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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