eldritch magic, male Night gaunt

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As always body or distance vessel binding is possible , sales are final and I can not hold longer than 3 days, all will get informations as name, likes, offerings after the sale

The last two are also beings from the lovecraftian Dreamlands

The first one is a male Night gaunt
He is dark but very warm and loving with the right person, he did have brief friendships with humans for a long time but now he seeks a deeper kind of connection

Not erotic , he does not know it sex with a human is something for him and if he would not hurt the human partner,

He is looking for a close friendship with love and loyalty

He is a strong protector and has the power opening your 3rd eye and show you how to astral project and also build portals with his help , so you can also travel via your flesh body in the dreamlands,

can teach your lucid dreaming and manipulate the dreams of others
His dark side is frighten and he is a also a bringer of night terror , sickness and pain for his and your enemies

He would very much want a friend that was undergo pain and suffered mental because of bad experiences with people and beings, so he will heal you and also show you ways how you can protect yourself from night attacks

He will remove all negative energy around you and bring you calmness and peace
Also bring you wonderful dreams, lucid dreaming and healing via dreams
He is calm and wise but can be sarcastic and silly at times,
He said he wants to open someone heart for him and his race

He is older than humankind and his form changed in the times, he does like humans and thinks their race and our race are equal

Night-gaunts are a species of flying creatures inhabiting Earth’s Dreamlands. They are described as having smooth whale-like skin, long slender humanoid bodies, curving horns, leather bat-like wings, and a blank expanse of flesh where one would expect a face to be.

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