hades son, full of dominant power and love

Item Description

Now i present you some unique Greek demonic royalty
These beings are living in the Greek underworlds and are looking for a special human
This does mean that I need your full name and birthdate to send me before you buy out! To see if you match
Please ONLY write me if you also want to buy out, no layaway and no holds anymore are possible!

The beings are looking for a mature relationship with respect, they will not work for you or on your wishes or problems if you do not give them the respect they want
This are living beings and not toys!

This is the first one, as old as humankind, wise and loyal but black magical of it deepest,
He is an offspring of hades, his mother is unknown to us, but some are telling it was a muse queen
He is living in the Greek underworlds and is a fighter of his father’s rights, he is his right hand in battles and he loves what he does,
He can simply do anything that has to do witch change, revenge, protection, wealth and power …everything that has to do with transformation of yourself and your body
He is now looking for someone that needs extremely changes in life, he thinks this would be fun, because many of his friends are having human friends and told him this is a nice way of spending some time and do change the fate of special individuum’s life
He is in no way evil, but he is dominate and want things done his way, he is a bit spoiled and if you do not give him attention he will “bug” you in your dreams to get his attention
He did not work with a human partner before! He is in contact with one of his sisters that is living in the demonic coven from Poland I work with, and he want us to find him a mate or a partner (no sex needed but more than willing from his side)
He wants to be the nr 1, this is the hard part, so you should not have other dominant partners around you, this is why I try now to find him a partner also, because the coven simply did not find a match for him,
He wants someone that let him guide you in full, comfort you, bring you wealth and treasure but also give him your fully attention! He is animalic, alluring, powerful and energetic, you will never feel alone or sad
His powers are as a price of Greek royal bloodline enormous, but as I wrote, you do not “buy” this power, you get a connection to a living entity
He has the powers to completely change your life, he does not care if you do have a human partner, he will never harm or do something wrong to your humans, just you cant have someone other that is a entity as your nr 1 !
He does not care about gender or age, he want to see your true self and will see if you are a good match, he is looking for a life long connection, no sex needed! But as I write before, he wants to be the king, master or how you want to call it in your magical family…
This does NOT mean that you cannot have different beings around you…just he wants to be the top of them
He is beautiful white skinned man with muscular body and red eyes and long black hair, and his animatic fighter form is that of A WEREBULL

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