incubus blood elf hybrid

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Hello dears

After many requests about demons that are looking for friends, I have done some more interviews and can present you here some demons.

I already have put on 4 demons that are very special but also black art and not for newbies.

I have here demons for you, that are save, also for the newbie at demonic keeping.

Please know, all sales are final, no layaway and holds only for 3 days are possible
You do NOT need to ask me before you buy out, this time no informations from you are needed, the beings seek no-one special. Just someone for a deep connection.
The price on many is low, so the interviews are short, this are special offers for you that asked for lower prices lol

Distance body or distance vessel binding only.
I can not give you more info at them, all they want you to know is written in the description
The pics I chose are very close to their real look.

Here we have a male demonic hybrid blood elf
He is very tall, loves blood and sexual energy, loves alluring other and is pansexual, he does live right now in an underworld with vampires , because he thinks it fit him the most, he does not have much contact with his elf father anymore. Because even for the taste of the blood elf, he is too greedy. And they dislike his incubus part
His mother is a succubus. He has a very deep connection with her.
He is extremely erotic and would like to be with someone that wants allure others, bring fun and sex into your life and that seeks a non monogam partner. But a deep and real one.
He will offer you his power, his energy and magic, he is extremely skilled in blood and sex magic and for sure manipulation.
He wants you to know that he seeks someone that life he can transform in full, change your energy, your life and make you a powerful and happy person.
He is much like a incubus mixed with a vampire
He is about 690 years old. He has pointy long ears , this is the only thing that is different from the pic here. He does also transform into a black large horse with red eyes from time to time, he said it is a bold elf thing lol
He is dominant and needy, greedy but loyal. He does not like children very much, he does not care about them, would never hurt them…just does not care about them.
He likes blood as offering or sex.

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