portal connection custom done for god, goddess or demon of your choice

Item Description

this is a special rare offer for a custom portal and connection with your special chosen entity, god, goddess or demon lord

this can be from: luciferian, dark nature related believes, lovecraftian . egypt or demonic lore

this are the fields the coven works with,

they can not offer elf,water based nature gods or christian white art portals!

the gods or demons will be first asked if a bodning and direct line is something they want with you, it would be not good to do a kind of portal with a being of thet power that does not want that to be done

this is a very powerful tool and offer, it makes you be able to work and talk with the special entity by yourself, have a special bond and all benefits that are born from a offer like this
you can become powerful, wealthy and happy by this

we can do a calling and search for the special god/goddess for you , or you say who you feel a caaling from and we do the job
you will get a special code word, a direct binding of the power from the special ritual for you that will be done
from the connection and also a distance binding for the portal will be done, we will need a pic of the chosen item you want the portal be bound to,

this will be done by the right person from the coven, chosen by the connection you want

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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