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Hello dears,
i will load this black magical demons here because many asked me about “really” black beings.
This are demons of the black flame.
They love bring darkness, destruction and manipulation into the lifes of targets.
This is what they love and want doing.
You need to understand their nature. There is no white light but much loyalty.
You need to respect them and you will become strong and powerful. Rich and beautiful.
This beings are all commanders with legions of demons. Some are royal and some not.
We allready managed to give them the rule, not to kill. This will be the only thing they will not be able to do on earth.
We have a contract with them all about this.

The description of everyone is written below
This is a demon that is a child of Beleth. He loves destruction , pleasure and pain. You need to be very careful with him.
This demon has 42 legions of Hellborn Demons and Shaitan Djinns under his command.
He does not allow low or weak demons in his legions, every demon he has under his command is strong and wise. (This is what he want me to let you know …for him this is something very important)
This demon is proud,egomanic, extroverted, dominant, blood thirsty, erotic but also calm, warm and funny.
He is looking for someone that will make him have much working to do, he has done so much become the commander he is but
now is the time for him, working with a human and gain knowlegde from this.
For this, he needs you.
A friend that will make this possiobe and for this help, he will be your alley, friend and maybe lover.
He will need houserules. Strong rules.
He loves wealth, sex and much violance. He asked for a huamn that will wish for all this into his life and for do much revengework.
The pic shows his look. Please write me before you buy out your full name and birthdate. And i will look if you match.

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There are no other details defined for this item.
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