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Hello dears,
i will load this black magical demons here because many asked me about “really” black beings.
This are demons of the black flame.
They love bring darkness, destruction and manipulation into the lifes of targets.
This is what they love and want doing.
You need to understand their nature. There is no white light but much loyalty.
You need to respect them and you will become strong and powerful. Rich and beautiful.
This beings are all commanders with legions of demons. Some are royal and some not.
We allready managed to give them the rule, not to kill. This will be the only thing they will not be able to do on earth.
We have a contract with them all about this.

The description of everyone is written below
This auction is for a female demoness. She is a daughter of Baal. She is crule, powerhungry and loves use her desructive powers on humans the most.
She can not come into earthrealms and work there without a human “friend”.
She seeks now a human that will give her the chance gain more status in hell.
She is a commander of 66 legions of demons, not lower demons!
Her legions are all higher hellborn demons.
She is erotic, alluring and ruthless. I will only give her into hands of someone that will give her rules.
Because she is a perfect seducer and maybe will try do her bidding more than you want.
She is dominant but is looking for someone that will be in a close and loving friendship with benefits.
She will not hurt you or trick you, so she says. But you need to know she does bent and twist rules often and loves to be challenged.
You should be into darkness, she does not want to be with someone that is white light or that does not give her work.
She loves damage others energy, create chaos, manipulate, bring wealth, bring revenge in a hard way.
You just need to ask her. She does love the chaotic and destructive mind and she loves art.

the pic is showing her beauty. She is a hard candy, please only buy out if you talked with me. Your birthdate and full name are needed for a visit before buy out.

resale because of non payment

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