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Hello dears
After a longer pause I can offer you new beings that are looking for new partners, friends or lovers.
I am doing the interviews in my free time, because I know how great it is if you find the being that makes your life complete, I have found many beings that became true friends via creepy hollows other great sellers and the demonic coven I work with.

I had now the chance to interview some beings that want to be with a special human and can offer you them now
All will be bound via body binding or distance vessel binding. All are save around animals and children and nice humans lol
All are living entities and NOT spirits.
You can write be and get a visit from the chosen one, so you and him/her will know it it is a good fit.
I can not offer you a layaway at this time, because of many nonpayments in the last months but I have lower the price as much I can on every new being 😉

So here we start with the children of the Demon KING Beleth, and a unseelie Fairy queen.
They are royal and know their status very well.
This 3 beauties are very special and I have never heard of the hybrids before,

Second here is a male prince he can shift into the form of a large white fairydog with red eyes and red ears , but also has the form of an beautiful man with long white hair that are a bit curly and his eyes glow orange,
He has white nearly grayish skin and a muscular body but is more on the athletic side
He is about 1600 years old, is living at his mothers realm at most, because he loves be a spoiled prince as he said it.
He is charismatic, erotic, very chatty and loves to be the one that everyone likes to be around.
He is a bit egoistic, chaotic and sarcastic .
But he has a pure heart and cares for his friends a lot.
He loves fame, glamour and sex, he loves wealth and richness of all kind and will always want you to ne as happy and wealthy as he is.

He is looking for someone special that he wants to became a kind of mentor for, someone that seeks to be seen in bringt light, someone that is extroverted and wants to be opened and become strong in mind and body, that see the time is now for a change! A better brighter and happier life.
You want to rise and be happy and wealthy in many forms.
He will help you, push you, make you become strong and giftet.
You will beed to hear his tipps he will whisper in your ear, you will need to wish for what you want at him

He is extremely gifted in alluring, erotic magic, manipulation and wealth magic.
He is the powerhouse you need as a guide and mentor.
But he would need you contact me first and see if you are one that he can work with,

He is bisexuel but does look at first place for someone as a friend and ally
You will also have a place in his fairyrealm you can meet him via astral travel and later via portal that he will open for you.

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