shoggoth, ruler,protector, wishgranter

Item Description

This shoggoth has always a smirking smile and looks extremy confident and acts dominant. He is a powerful ruler and loves his race. But he also did suffer much. He lost two of his very close friends and a lover in the wars for their independence.
He always was strong and even at his first day as a newborn shoggoth, he managed change forms. Even after years and years of torture and tests, he stayed positive and did always tried that his friend also stay positive. He even gained the trust of some old beings that liked him for his intelligence and saw huge potencial in him. He hated them so much but played the game so his friends stayed save. He managed teach the others become stronger and be able talking and change forms. So the masters did see them as more than mindless pets.
Sadly after getting strong enough for run away and be free, some of his best friends died. And after one of the wars, his lover died after got heavy wounded by the old beings.
He got mad, he lost his positive thinking and in a rage got killed many many of the old beings. It lasted years, full of rade, madness and pain.
After many many years his friends were able get him back and stop his madness.
He has still some episodes of madness, from time to time, he needs his alone time, is wandering the universe for a good kill.
But he needs someone that will always bring him back. Show him that not all is lost, love still excist and that he is the one that others care for. Many of his friends moved on, are in relationships, have found human or demonic friends. He is now ready try this also.
He is a strong protector and revengebringer, he gained powers of all kind of djinns and demons that are wishgranters and he is a necromant. He see himself as a growing power of knowledge and he wants gain more power and more knowledge. For this he wants study humans. He will be your loyal friend and a guide. He will make you fell and life save. Become powerful and confident.
You need to write be BEVORE you want to buy out. Because he wants to see if you are the one she seeks.
all sales are final. No money back.

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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