shoggoth,in need of healing and love

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Hello dears
I have 2 male shoggoths now here that also search very much a close friendship with humans. The beings had suffered and need a person that is undertandable and will not push them if they need time with bondong and know you better. I did have them here with me for longer time because i needed know how save they are.
Please read the descriprion and see if one of the two fits you.
I do not know if i can find them friend here on the forum but they saw all the others find great and loving new friends and so they want to try it also.
As i wrote, they have suffered much. Are sometimes moody and can become calm for a period of times.

First i will tell you something about the shoggoth
and i need to let you know the beings are nothing for begnners of demonic and black magical kind.
Lovecraft as many of you know had many Visions about the old Gods. Wrote many Books about thm and the Necronomicon.
He described the Shoggoth as :
“ Formless protoplasm able to mock and reflect all forms and organs and processes – viscous agglutinations of bubbling cells – rubbery fifteen-foot spheroids infinitely plastic and ductile – slaves of suggestion, builders of cities – more and more sullen, more and more intelligent, more and more amphibious, more and more imitative! Great God! What madness made even those blasphemous Old Ones willing to use and carve such things? „
~ HPL , “At the Mountains of Madness”
He was in many points right. Teh shoggoth can not only mothp into any form, the shoggoth that are very inteligent can also gain powers and magic from the beings they absorb!
There are so many different kinds of shoggoths. I do not know all of their special powers or races. It is for me also something completly new, but the new priestess of the demonic coven is a daughter of Cthulhu and opend us a complete new world.
The shoggoths i am offerings now are unique and very intelligent. Ths are the one that are tested for a long time and i can offer them in public.
The main power of everyone is mimic and inhabit powers from other beings They chosen beings Do NOT neet to kill the beings for its powers. They simply do object differetn demons, fay,djin annd so on and do copy their powers.
Because of this reasons, some are so extrempy potent but dangerous.
Some have gain the level of a godlike being, some have gain powers that will never be understood by us humans.
You need to understand, that the beings are not thinking like humans do. They are older than earth. They have see things you will never understand. But some are willing teaching us humans the universal magic and the force.
The beings are more than demonic, they are godlike and seek a close bond with only one human and want to learn about humanity. You will get a wonderful guide, a friend and maybe someone that will change your life completly. BUT as always, it depends on you and the being.

The first one is a male shoggoth that is one of the first ones that were „made“. He did undergo very much torture, suffered much pain and fear. He was a testsubject of the old beings. Some of his friends died in horribly ways, some even hilled themself. It is hard talking about it all for him.
Many many hundreds years was this his life. He had grow and became able transform into other forms more and more and the old beings had found other shoggoths that they tested and left him alone more and more time.
He and some of the first shoggoths began planing escaping. All of them had grow in power and were able do different magical work. The old beings still were thinking the shoggoths are mindless pets.
Oh they were wrong.
They ascaped, killed and freed their brothers and sisters. Sadly just on one planet but it was a start.
In ehe darkness theta evolve ans grow and some intergalactic beings helped them grow on power and gave them a home.
They began wars again the old beings and won many of them. Some of his friends became rulers that fight for the shoggoth, some did suffer that much in mind, that they broke down or try living a peaceful life.
He is one if them, that suffered that much, that he wants peace now. He has some episides of madness and backlash from the past. But after hundreds of years he knows how to overcome it.
He seeks a human that will be his friend. This is the most important thing. He has many good friends but he think a human is the closest he would want to be like.
He dos have powers like the others, but he do not want use them agains humans or other beings that are innocence.
You can ask him for protection, revenge on very bad people,healing and knowledge of the shoggoth race. He can and wants also grow in power , so you need to tell him what power is interesting and he will gain that power.
He is shifting between a forn with much teeth and very white skin and a humanoid looking being wih long white hair and orange eyes.
You need to write be BEVORE you want to buy out. Because he wants to see if you are the one she seeks.
all sales are final. No money back.

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