silver dragon demon hybrid shifter seeks love

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Hello dears
many people asked me from time to time if i can offer some beings from the coven but at a lower price,
sadly, mostly they conjure demons and do custom demonpacts.
But from time to time a member is ready do some work for a lower price and does this for customers also that are not befriend with the coven

i asked her to help me out, i just need you to know, there is no possible hold longer than 2 days for a being, no other possible binding as distance body or vessel binding and the interveiw is only brief and not detailed as with my other work!
On the other hand you have the chance befriend a powerful being at a low price.
i do still do manipulate pics together with the chosen being for represent her or his look the best,

okay and the last one is Ulric
he is a silver dragon shifter and part hellrealm demon.
he is often sad because beings think he is evil or frighten, yes he has huge destructive powers, but he use them only for helping others.
he seeks a partner, male or female but somoen that will love him for who he is.
he is calm and wise, very energetic and has enorme healing powers and the power open your 3rd eye and all hidden powers in you,
he can grant wishes as a silver dragon of all kind and he can protect you fully.
he can do revenge but only at people that really hurt you, he will not do revenge on people that did not deserve it.
he will boost your energy, give you knowledge and powers over elements, he will guide you and also care for you.
he does not seek sex , he seeks love and a deep connection.
he loves earths nature and animals, he loves the color blue and fullmoons
he does shift into a huge silver dragon and in his other form he as long silver halr, large horns and grayish skincolor

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