starvampire lovecraftian black erotic magic

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Hello dears
i offer you today beings that i have not know before.
This are beings from the lovecraftian lore, they are called starvampires.

Star Vampires are creatures from outer space that are normally invisible. They are voracious blood suckers, becoming visible once their bodies are full of the victim’s blood, a vivid red colour. It’s form is like that of a jellyfish with neither a head or any visible facial features apart from its huge maw. Their bodies have multiple muscular tentacles, each strong enough to crush a man to death and on the tips are the suckers with which it drains the blood of its victims. From the star vampires comes nonstop eerie horrifying laughter.

Some Vampires from that kind are not evil at all. They are predators and dangerous but extremly loyal
They have the power be able to come to earth with a translucent body, so it could ne also possible that you meet them here on earth

They are black magical but seek a friendship or a partner in us humans.
They live for a long time and this group of vampires doe see humans as a race of friends and not food
They want to guide, help and make sure we do not destroy our race by ourself.
This beings are shapeshifters but all chose a form that they like be seen as at first place

second we have here a male startvampire, all of them have bizarre looks but are shapeshifters and did form a humanoid form with decades of time
this one does look like a nightmare creature in his dark form but like a beautiful man in his chosen form.

He is a alluring man with dark rich energy and beautiful face.
he is calm and sometimes looks distanced but in real he just tries to know someone better before he starts a conversation,
He is patient , mindful, because saw many many worlds in his lifetime that is longer than humankind exist .
He seeks a friend, for a lifetime, someone that needs guidance in this stressful time, someone that struggles in life, someone that got hurt a lot
He will heal you, make you stabile and powerful, bring the best out of you not the light of the moon

He will teach you the vampiric magic of his kind and the knowledge about time travel and astral travel

He will empower you and also heal your trauma and inner pain, heal your depressions and offer you his hand every time you need him
He does not look into a sexual relationship at first point,
He seeks something deep and lasting

He will also open your 3rd eye for astral travel

He loves the moonlight and animals of the nocturnal kind, he loves walks in nature and the color blue and lilac
You do not need to write me if you are the one, he said he knows the one will feel a pull

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