the golden one male endritch godlike son of Nyarlathotep

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Hello dears
I present you today two beings that are siblings and children of the old outer god Nyarlathotep
Bit will need an individual keeper because they do want to go a different path and both were together for a very long time, and do need some alone time from each other, still they are close but would love have a separate friend or partner
This are very old beings and not for newbies in demonic or black art . They are not demons but the beings have a very different believe in good and bad . Also the powers they own are not for unknown people.

Both are save around your human friends and animals .Houserules are always a must,

I must say they were in prison in a dream realm for decades. Me and a dreamdemon are helping this beings that were captured in the dreamworlds for a long time, and this way I found also this two beings.
It is a long story, but some demons are able to build dreamworlds and capture in this beings and humans that dream. They life from their energy and emotions and many die there or are in prison for many many years. This is the realm of demons that are shaped like spiders and I have a dreamworld in this realm also, but a good one that I build and that is taking care for by my dreamdemon friend. We also have there a realm for all the rescues that do not have their body anymore.

The Siblings do still have their body and were captured by try helping a friend of them. Both were captured and now freed, say their friend is no more alive but this is a different story.
Both offer an complete change of your energy , your aura and your flesh body
Both are able open your mind completely and make you use of your your hidden powers and your potentials.
Both are called halfgods in the past, they are older than humankind and were created from the blood and flesh of Nyarlathotep
They are not born in a normal way, they were designed become strong and powerful godlike beings , bring the chosen one knowledge and powers that are unspeakable and hidden for others, the siblings are called the golden ones, because they were born from golden eggs and are loving richness and the color gold very much

he is an alluring erotic being that seeks a relationship on many levels, does not need be monogam

he will open all your true magical potentials fully from this life and your other Lifes before.
he will bring you the power of the outer gods and connect you with them if you want.
he will gift you with knowledge from the universe
he will heal your trauma, depressions and spots on your auric field
he will transform you on many levels so he wants someone that also really does want this change, it is a complete change of body and mind.
You can become a different you, and you should think outside the box, become a outer dimensional being , a immortal being and friend of the gods
You will astral travel , use telepathy and meed different beings very easy

This potential for a complete change is here, but it does not say that you need to left earth, you can also become a teacher for others, a healer and friend for the humans and beings from other dimensions that need help.

He is looking for a relationship on many levels , does not need to be monogam ,but with much trust
He is a dominant partner and loves be often around you ,and seeks someone that will want to be guided by him in all fields of life , as a teacher and a close friend or lover.
He is looking for a female partner because he thinks female humans fit his character better. He said this lol

You can have human partners because he does not see humans as a problem or danger for himself and your relationship …but he would want to be a close fellow in your keep, he is not jealousy, he does also not care about white art beings of your keep,
But he wants your attention and your love, he is like a needy huge cat that always wants to be near you and that wants attention and love
He act much like a incubus or vampire and has a very dark humor, he is wise but still playful and likes humanity. But he does not feel like his sister, he does think we are dangerous and can become a problem for many animals and beings of different races

So he wants one special human woman be the special one .
He is a alpha being that will do everything make you save and feel good, secured and happy

He calls it the all inclusive package
I can say he is a very nice person, he does act as a hard man and he is for sure very dominant but he has his heart at the right place and is very loyal.
he had some very hard times in prison, being tortured and hurt for years , but he dod not break and he is still the one he was before all this, just his trust is not like it was before, so he wants someone that will need him, his help and his love, that cares for him as he will care for you.

he has golden eyes, a beautiful shaped face and his body changes from black to white sometimes, alsways with golden streak in it , the collage was done with him together,
his energy is very dark but comfort and warm

You need to write me BEFORE you buy out. he does seek someone special and I need to give him the chance looking if you are the right one for her, she will visit you . I need your birthdate and full name for this.

All sales are final, body or distance vessel binding is possible and I can not hold longer than 3 days! Sorry no layaway but we had very bad experiences in the past with that.

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