Aphrodites Oracle Twins “J”&”W”

Item Description

The oracle Twins
Twin flames, spiritual, oracles, third eye help,psychic abilities, Clairabilities, medium help, confidence, allure, mystery, attract lovers, magic, spell work

J : 23, jet black hair, blue eyes. Watchful. Peace keeper. Anime watcher. Likes horseback riding. Sweet. Lover. Dark sense of humor, sexual, doesn’t mind getting revenge for your sake. Likes storms, Quiet sometimes but always ready to spend time with you. Dominate in the bed room.

W: 23, jet black hair, lighter grey eyes, playful, tease, smooth talker, suave, outgoing, sexual, shoulder to cry on, romance movies, likes the ocean, romantic, dominate in the bedroom.

These two compliment each other very well and have an array of abilities. J can see the future while W can see the past. J can have dreams about the future. Often in meditation he will get visions. While W can touch a person or object and see their/it’s past. They often have dreams together if they sleep in the same room about different events that happened in the room/place they’re staying in. They can bring you into lucid dreams which is where they will interact with you most. One being out going while the other is watchful. One is mature while the other can be quite a playboy but both will support you in your path of magic and help where they can. They’re willing to be sexual with their further companion and are both on the dominate side.

Manifest: visions/dreams/telepathy

Item Other Details
Must be 18+ to purchase
Spirit Bind
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