Apollo’s Black Sun Demons

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Black Sun Demons
Shadow like or black demons with gold or amber markings, white, silver or charcoal hair and bright eyes. Some have wings horns or tails. They’re benevolent shapeshifter demons who often appear as light orbs and who’s energy are as warm as the sun. They’re good at cleansing magic, healing, pyromancy, necromancy and help improve psychic abilities. Apollo calls then his children of the shadows, they’re born from the shadows cast by the sun but oddly enough they’re energy shines bright. They live in a realm who’s portal is inside of an astral sun, like a mirror dimension but there sun is black, casting a shadow over their land. There sky is always dark and galaxies can be seen from the sky yet the sun is still there along with the moon, always In the same sky. You would think they wouldn’t like the light but in fact during the day, if they spend their time with you, there skin looks a lot lighter and shimmers in the sun light as they feed off its energy. These beings are sexual and are natural grounders. They work well with light energy and can preform chakra work very well. They know exactly how you feel and what you need just by touching you, they’re natural empaths.

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S is 6’0 tall,with pale white eyes, an angular face, long white hair and amber markings on his body, which is fairly toned, a long tail with a spade shape and two horns on either side of his head. With a quick witted attitude, He often walks around with a black robe on naked underneath, unless he’s manifesting as an orb. He spends his time reading and talking with the dead. He walks in the shadows unless he is feeding off the energy of the sun. He likes to sun bathe and as he does his skin shimmers like marble. His skin is smooth to the touch and his hands are firm when they hold onto you. He’s not a super big talker but he will listen to all your problems. If he does talk to you it’s more likely to pick at your brain. He will get to know you better and likes to touch. He’s energetic, willing and supportive in your paths of magic. He will do what he can to help you progress.

In his own words: “I agreed to this write up but I’d rather you ask me what you want to know.”

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