Follower of Artemis

Item Description

Flower Fae: nature magic, silly, hyper, phantom smells, flowers on their backs, like gardens, animals and moon magic. Protective, Supportive and pranksters.

Name: D
Nickname: Del
Age: 115

Del is a watchful fae and pays close attention to gardens. The amount of time she puts into a garden really shows how dedicated she is as a companion. She doesn’t just like flowers but also likes growing fruits and vegetables. Del is a bit quirky but very bright and always willing to give a helping hand when it comes to nature magic and spells. She will come to you in your quiet time and help you feel more grounded. Dels favorite color is green. She’s 5’2 with pale orange eyes and silky brown hair. Her flora is and orange Lilly these beautifully sprouted on her back. She believes that the moons magic can aid in plant growth much like how some say it helps hair grow, she believes that as well. She isn’t much of a prankster but if she feels you should liven up a bit then you might find yourself being pranked.

Offerings: peach/peach scented candles or incense, the color orange, time spent with her

“Let’s go to a botanical garden! I can teach you the names and meanings of all the flowers we see”

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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