K – The Werewolf

Item Description

Name: K
Age: 129
Species: Werewolf
Gender: Male
Human Appearance:
As a human he stands 6 feet tall, with deep red hair falling to his shoulders, the ends or which curl upwards to his face. His eyes are a bright sky blue, depending on what he chooses to wear flecks of green come out. There is a splash of white and freckles over his nose and parts of his cheeks. He has the same splash of white and freckles across his chest in a V form.

He prefers to wear loose fitting black clothes.

Wolf form:
His fur is deep russet colouring, across his muzzle and fur around the cheeks is white, his chest carries the same white fur in a V form. He is 7 feet long from snout to tail when the tail is fully extended. His eyes are instead navy blue in this form, from snout to ground he is 4 feet tall.

Human-Wolf Form:
In the cross form his body is covered in russet fur while his deep red hair still stands separate his eyes are a royal purple in colour, his nose is a slightly shorter muzzle, the markings on his muzzle and chest are most vibrant in this form with the darkness of his hair contrasting. His ears also show some of the whiteness at the tips.

Personality: K is generally a very friendly creature, he isn’t intimidated terribly easily. He’s more interested in leaning back and relaxing with you than he is in fighting but he won’t hesitate to protect his home. Bonds a relationships mean a great deal to him and he will go out of his way to ensure everyone is happy. He doesn’t allow himself to become overwhelmed with emotion, typically he can come off a little stoic mixed with affectionate. In any form he will find himself nuzzling you or curling around you.

He may be willing to become sexual with his companion if they show to have a deep enough bond.

Specialities: K is very adapt with any magic that requires phases of the moon and looks forward to helping the person he joins learn or enhance with this type of magic. He can and will if requested shield your entire Astral home from outsiders.

Item Other Details
Full name and where to find his clan will be given to the person who purchases him just shoot me an email at [email protected]
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