M – The Vampire

Item Description

Name: M
Age: 498
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Type: Sanguine/Daywalker
Alignment: GA

M stands at 5’11” with long black hair down to her waist nearly with soft ringlets, she tends to have a new flower entwined in her hair every day. Her eyes are a bright sapphire blue rimmed with long eye lashes. Her skin is pale white, and her lips a light red colouration that seems to darken around the crescent moons.

She seems to prefer light coloured and layered clothing, unadorned with jewelry or lots of flashy accessories. She would rather be barefoot but when she does wear shoes she goes for traditional heels.

M still remains a lot of the characteristics of her mortal time, the need to be delicate and soft spoken with an underlying steel spine and wit. While this doesn’t mean she’s docile it does show her quiet nature. She speaks when she feels she has something to say and becomes more outspoken the better she knows people.

She loves to read and to learn, always finding something new and fascinating about the places she inhabits. M is not a loner by any means she enjoys being with others even just sitting in silence and watching them or watching a movie with them.

She is very protective of those she cares for and will not hesitate to fight for them, she may even find herself prepared to kill things that attack those she cares about in the Astral.

At her core M seems to be a caring and nurturing soul who is interested in find a companion and home for herself, her wit and eventual sass when she is comfortable always makes her a charm to be around.

Divination related anything. While in her mortal state M was plagued with visions and drawn to all occult devices used in divination at her time. Upon turning she was able to control this better so that it has become something she can channel rather than over take her.

She is completely able and willing to help people see into their abilities with divination and into their past lives.

Disliked offerings:
Sad movies, weeds, tobacco, red wine, any hard liquor, rose quartz, sugary food.

Item Other Details
To the person M goes to her name, preferred offeringa and various other information will be revealed to just email me at [email protected]
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