Dark Fae Vessel Charm bracelet

Item Description

This cute little charm bracelet has a key to symbolize unlocking the doors and potentials that exist for the keeper and it creates a unique link with the companion when this vessel was chosen. There\’s a spider web which enhances any dark magic that is cast by The Keeper or The Conjurer. Last but definitely not least is a vial of lavender bud. This charm is especially unique because it provides a sense of calm and harmonist feeling it sooths while you are adjusting to the beings darker energies. It also provides a calming energy while your companion is a adjusting being around you as well. Finally the 4th charm is a fairy that is nude and this represents the being that can be attached to the vessel. Without the enchanted qualities this bracelet is $10 plus tax and shipping and handling.

Item Other Details
There are no other details defined for this item.
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