Egyptian Vial Terrianums

Item Description

. These are a perfectly amazing gift or vessel for your wish granters, merfolk, or others. This is filled with mugwort which is known for its protective quality and enhancing of Spirit communication qualities(it was also used to look like a bush youd see at the beach). It has a rose petal which has been blessed with multiple spells and charging and is from my personal alter. It has reiki energy, energy from the bath ritual I did, prosperity and abundance energies and Blessings energy from the deities. It was charged in a prosperity grid for 30 days and nights and surrounded by bioluminescent alter decor and gemstones. This creates beautiful and positively divine energy that your companion can utilize for you. Then there are three seashells chosen for their beauty and qualities. One is a mini conch another is a pink seashell the third is under the mugwort and not visible you dont want to shake these or everything will move around this is important. There is glow in the dark particles on bottom to create a beautiful and one of a kind piece of art.

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