Enchanted Pillows

Item Description

relaxing and therapeutic as well as aromatic as the others. Lavender was put into this beautiful sachet for peace and soothing energies as well as calming of the nerves. Warm vanilla sugar.. I do not own this fragrance it is one that is owned by Bath & Body Works however I do use their exclusive fragrance oil that is created for their perfumes and it does not have any extracts or anything harmful for the body it’s just the virgin base oil(this one has shea oil)and then the emultions from Madagascar vanilla. and then it has rose gardens from my mother’s Garden that I preserved myself using a method of drying with only sunlight to dry it out no chemicals or harmful anything and no bacteria. I then mix them with the base which for this pillow is rice it does not hold heat as much which means you’re less likely to burn yourself it’s not a huge burn it’s just hot to touch and you have to be careful typically they recommend holding them with a towel however where this uses rice it has to sit for 3 days being mixed slowly to allow the oils and all the herbs to infuse and make it more potent for the therapeutic purposes. Once it is dry eye then add it to the pillow to create your heated therapeutic spa style pillow. Infused with spells in every stitch to help with pain and aid in healing.

Item Other Details
Various botanicals
a base oil
rice or beans to hold heat
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