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Spring Cleansing( this is the one in a container)
This wholesome mix is a healthy blend of cleansing floral tones and sleepy vibes for those beautiful days when nap time and energy purification is needed! This awesome blend has blue lotus petals, white sage, peppermint, stinging nettle, Jasmine spuds, peach blossoms, calendula, and bee pollen. This will bring out your inner Beauty regardless of gender!!! Each bag comes with 2oz and is $8 plus shipping and handling. The bag is resealable and comes with small spoon. This healthy botanical tea is so delicious and easily prepared. Place into a tea ball or a tea bag and brew in your kettle or in a pot allow to steep for 20 mins and use honey as a sweetener for best results!!!!

Midsummer Treat Tea
Inside this wonderful Aromatic Brew is a wonderful floral and minty delicacy that will open your senses fue to the pollin of summer. This full bodied tea is a heaven for super flavors and amazing botanicals. From the moutains of China is an amazing super fruit called a Schisandra Berry these only grow two places in the world the Changbai Mountain of the Heilongjiang Province which is where these came from or the high moutains of Russia. The Superfruit is not often consumed for its food properties it is actually used for medicinal purposes it is said to be an adaptogen which means it makes the body resistant to diseases and stress as well as this amazing berry helps your Qi or life force energy improve. It is also said to improve the meridians in the pathways of the lungs and heart. Although it is recommended that you do not exceed a certain amount per day because if you have gastric issues it can cause heartburn and it is not recommended to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This Hardy and amazing tea also has peppermint which helps with your sinuses and soothe the throat in times of allergies this makes it a perfect choice for the summer months when people are having allergy issues.The calendula flower is often used for calming and it’s floral tones provide a eunuch hint of a flavor in this mixture. Peach blossom helps improve the skin and helps with acne when you consume it it also helps in the same manner it tastes amazing auntie and provides a wonderful floral tone which all sets the peppermint and the bitterness of the berry as well. Blue Lotus is added to make the perfect sleepy time tea so that way all the health benefits promote good gut Flora while you are resting and you get the best night sleep you’re able to. It is recommended that you sweetened with a little bit of Honey because it is a better sweetener than pure sugar or any of the other versions that they currently have. It also provides a complimentary taste when you use it in this Brew. We sell in one gram jars which provide approximately 28 servings per jar these are available for $5 plus shipping and handling. We also sell this in a 4 oz bag which cost $15 this is due to how much the Botanicals actually cost. A 4 oz bag contains 112 servings. 2oz Glass Jar is $10 plus shipping.
Please do not substitute the usage of this product for any form of medical expertise.

Root Beer Tea
I know I know before you even think about wondering what the heck all the main ingredients that go into actual root beer or roots and Barks that’s why they make the perfect tea. This is a heavily bodied tea. A little sarsaparilla root a little licorice bark a hint of cherry bark and you get this heavily and heavenly tea for root beer lovers anywhere. 1gram jar is 28 servings and in this its $8 these botanicals are quite a bit more expensive and lavish. Non GMOs gluten free all organic for teas. Your 4 oz bag of this particular Brew is going to be $20 plus shipping and handling. You can use honey as a sweetener it does complement the taste more however this is a very heavy duty so if you do use sugar you might want to use 1 cup per gallon 2 cups if you use honey. For a pop add some vanilla bean and let it infuse in direct sunlight from noon to dark.

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