Rough Padparascha Sapphire Bracelet

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Not many sellers in the US have rough Padparshca Sapphire which makes this considered a specialty piece/ designer piece. FREE US SHIPPING

The term Padparadsha comes from the Sinhalese word for ‘Lotus Flower’ and refers to its orange-pink colour. Padparadsha Sapphires were originally found in Sri Lanka, where they and other sapphires were thought to contain the power of wisdom and the ability to overcome challenging obstacles. It is among the rarest and most highly prized varieties of sapphire, and its properties evoke a unique blend of creativity, sensuality and spirituality. Padparadscha Sapphire has also found in Vietnam and some parts of Africa.

Padparadsha sapphire is a powerful stone for sexual energy and fertility. It is useful for both sexes in enhancing their sex drive, increasing sexual pleasure, overcoming past negative sexual experiences and feeling confident in expressing their sexuality.
This stone assists in reducing the effects of colic, rheumatism, arthritis, bowel diseases, colon, bladder and the reproductive organ disfunction.
Padparadscha sapphire will assist couples to conceive children especially if the gemstone is worn in a ring by either of the two potential parents
Padparadsha sapphire can help you feel more outgoing, joyful, playful, expressive and dynamic. It is an excellent stone for those who need more of these emotional energies.
Padparadsha sapphire is also a useful aid for those who desire healthier attitudes and expressions in regard to sexual energy.
Padparadscha sapphire is associated with the solar plexus chakra where it helps you see the truth of a situation or person and therefore helps you in not being deceived. It brings you joy, success and promotes curiosity, sexuality and creativity. It can assist those with weak constitutions in developing more vitality, and it can help you overcome distraction, confusion and flightiness.
​When used in meditation, this stone enhances your ability to manifest the things that you most need and desire, but it will only do so when your desires are aligned with your heart.
Padparadsha Sapphire is the principal stone for artists, writers, singers and others who wish to express their deepest truth in creative expression.
This stone activates the Hara chakras and the entire Heart line.
It stimulates the will to live and the will to achieve your life purpose. This stone stimulates your desire for soul growth and for experiences that lead to soul growth. Padparadscha sapphire aids in manifesting conditions that facilitate and guide your life purpose.
Padparadsha Sapphire is a potent assistant for those who wish to bring their spiritual vision into manifestation. It encourages you to take action to bring your highest desires into reality.
It is believed that this stone can bring you a greater inner peace. As you become more aware of your surroundings you will be able to see every situation in its purest form and open yourself to the Divine for inspiration.

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