Spelled Ritual Votives

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Handmade and wonderfully scented ritual votives.

Please choose type prior to checkout or dm me to get 2 for $5.

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Love Spell Candles
5 in stock
These beauties are charged with energy from a Goddess or God of love it's your choice. They bring blessings to relationships for marriage or finding the perfect mate. They are super charged for love with rosemary, roses, hibiscus and peach blossom. These are spelled and super charged yet are gentle and peaceful in their love and help.
Spells included dependent on the situation.
I can also create customs and they are about the same price.
5 in stock.
All non GMOs certified organic ingredients and Soy wax.

Peaceful Cleansing Candle
3 in stock
Never come home from a long day and you're just tired of everyone's bullshit. You need something jam-packed with happiness and bright colors and clumsy but at the same time you don't really have a lot of space and bigger candles take up quite a bit of space eventually especially if you don't burn them all at once(although you prolly will with out scents) here's some cleansing that has a hint of calming calendula wonderful tropical fruity smells to relax you while it cleanses your energy bodies. It's super charged with Reiki and Angelic vibes that will fully rejuvenate and cleanse you beyond your expectations.

Prosperity Spell Candle:
1 in stock
This amazing tropical scented Prosperity spelled candle will have you thinking that you have traveled to A Whole New World. It's one of a kind and entirely unique with little veins of iridescent coloring throughout it apple cinnamon blend and the smell of a tropical island dessert. Get these for relaxation it will make you feel Divine and bring out the inner deity and you.

Purple Divine Ritual Candle
2 in stock
A little bit of a full moon oils a little bit of divination oils some Prosperity some cinnamon and apple along with rosemary lobella and Peach blossoms on top to make it have a pretty impact this is one wonderful ritual candle that will raise your vibes and charge you while you connect to a higher plane.

Athens Nobility Obstacle Removal
1 in stock
Amazing black raspberry and vanilla scented obstacle removal candle with veins of bronze going through out the candle it makes for a very intriguing and amazing obstacle remover that has the abilities of the obstacle oil but so small and limited in scent so you cannot smell it due to overwhelming and Powerful scent of the black raspberry.
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