Unbound Scribble Reading

Item Description

You can order either 3 busts of random unbounds around you, or order 1 fullbodied unbound. A fun way to perhaps see what energy you give off, what creatures/portals are around you, and otherwise a unique experience! Drawn scribbly, as I usually let the unbounds or spirits try their hand at drawing their features for me at times. I will NOT draw unbounds of your choice! Please message me on beyondtheveil or email me about your drawing choice. I will also need your email to send the results. Please tell me the name and email of the person you wish to send the readings to if this is a gift. If I don’t hear your response on your choice of portrait within three days, I will automatically draw the three busts option.

Item Other Details
Sent digitally by email. No shipping or physical mail. Entertainment purposes only, no refunds, pay through paypal, please message me on what type of listing you want.
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