3rd eye opening ritual and spellwork

Item Description

this is a very special offer
because of so many questions about opening the 3rd eye spells, i asked around and found a magican that will do the job and opening your 3rd eye completly
what it can do:

comunication with your beloved beings will be easy via dream and visions
this will make you be able to astraly shift and do astral travel
this will remove all blockades that are around your 3rd eye and heal marks and any “wounds” that leaves your 3rd eye closed or blockades

the magican is a female lynx shifter and the new headpriestess of the witchcoven i often work with.
this is a offer for you! the price is special because i do not want to sell things at a high price that i do not know myself
this offer is as i wrote for a 3rd eye opening ritual from a demonic witch coven, this will be done for 3 evenings for you by the new high priestess and about 69 covenmembers!

and the energy from the ritual will be direct bound to your astral body, this will empower itself anytime again and again

i have not tested this spell simply because i do not need this kind of magic, my 3rd eye is open enough lol

but so many people asked me about real working spells for the 3rd eye, so here is your chance.

i will need your full name,full birthdate AND pic of your eyes and forehead for this!

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