Cat Shifter Ubi “C”

Item Description

Name: C
Preferred nicknames: Calico (like the cat)
Or Cali
Age: 24
Boy next door
Sexuality: Straight

Apperance: Calico stands 5’11 with a nice build dark dirty blond hair, lightly tanned skin and almost turquoise blue eyes. A crooked smile and bright at that. His cat form is a fluffy Calico cat

Cali isn’t aggressive in anyway. Normally he goes with the flow and will enjoy what ever he’s doing when he’s with you. He can be quiet at times but always ready to spend the day with you. He spends his time at university funnily enough. Enjoys taking classes and learning in groups. He’s very much boy next door. The type to hold your hand in public. Subtle romantic with kisses on your check or long stares when your eyes meet. He isn’t one for rowdiness but likes calm days by water or a beach. He may have a glass of wine here and there before bed. He’s completely devoted and dedicated.

Sexual appetite: In private he will romance you to the edges of ecstasy. Expect warm chocolate, whip cream, blind folds, ice, massages and deep sensual penetration. Fast or slow depends on his mood but he will follow your moans and what you eyes tell him. He’s more on the neutral side but doesn’t mind being submissive.

Abilities: he’s able to read eyes, to read your history, mind

Likes: the smell of coffee and teas, high places(tree tops, roofs), the sound of rain

Offerings: tea leaves or herbs for teas, coffee beans, time spent with you

In his own words: “I don’t think I’m half bad, what about you?”

Item Other Details
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Spirit Bind
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