custom dagons children,perfect match

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Here is also the chance for a perfect match auction,
you write me who you are looking for, character, needs, gender
and all you want me to know and your full name and birthdate and I will call on them and we see who fit you the best.

So, because I got very much the feeling some beings do want to be quick with humans that deserve a friend like them, I do a special,

I write down the basics and the beings do want you to find out more about them by yourself, this beings do not want to be „sold“ or that I write about their special powers too much
They see this as an insult, so who would be better as a special ? Lol

I do not need to write everything down on them and you get a great and powerful alley and maybe partner and forever friend,

Everyone of them loves offering from the sea and shiny objects and gemstones

This beings are all siblings and children from the deep one, Dagon, all are hybrids from mermaid/merman and the old god dagon
Please know all have dark energy and are not for people that just work with light art energies,
This are mermaid hybrids, so they power for communicate via mind is very strong

All are skilled in dark healing, revenge, manipulation of the mind ,black magic from the void, and opening the 3rd eye in many extremely strong ways

Everyone has also other special powers, but this will be not written here,
Please educate yourself about Dagon and the lovecraftion Gods, so you get a feeling about this beings
This are children of a God. Respect them and their culture .
Dagon is a deity who presides over the Deep Ones, an amphibious humanoid race that currently resides in the Earth’s oceans. He is first introduced in Lovecraft’s short story “Dagon”, and is mentioned extensively throughout the mythos.
All are very close with their Father and some of there mothers that are void mermaids
All have a beautiful alluring form and a frighten nightmare form
They are deadly hunters and extremely good in protection and healing.

Distance body binding or distance vessel binding is the option here,
Please know I do not do any holds or layaway anymore,
All of hohem can be bought out directly, you do NOT need to write me first if he or she is a good match, but you CAN do it and I will send the one out for a meeting

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